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Joey Kilpatrick, M.S., CRC, VE



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My experience in practice as a vocational specialist has been focused primarily on providing individualized vocational evaluations to individuals who have been unable to return to work due to various reasons. The focus of my efforts has been with Marital/Divorce Vocational Evaluations, Social Security, Personal Injury, Long Term Disability and Workers' Compensation cases. By personally interviewing and meeting with the injured person, I am able to provide a comprehensive, expert opinion as to their potential to return to suitable, gainful employment. If appropriate and requested, jobs can be identified through a Labor Market Survey, which meet with individual's residual functional capacities and are within their geographical area. 


My work extends throughout Florida, Puerto Rico, Georgia, Alabama, and the Carolinas. This has provided me with an opportunity to work on a professional basis with numerous insurance carriers, attorneys, physicians and clients in various geographical areas.  

As a Vocational Expert, I have provided court testimony, mediation, and hearings concerning the availability of jobs for injured individuals and their abilities to perform those jobs with due consideration of their age, education, work history and their residual functional capacities. I also evaluate individuals for Social Security Disability Benefits eligibility. I have been accepted as an expert witness by Florida courts, and have testified as an expert witness in numerous Florida County Courts.

Mark Tasso, M.B.A., VE


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My experience in practice as a vocational expert has focused primarily on assisting individuals to return to work,  providing  vocational evaluations to individuals who have been unable to return to work due to illness or injury, and vocational expert witness testimony for Social Security  Disability Hearings.  


The staff at JMK Vocational Consultants, Inc. offers more than 25 years of combined experience. We are a Nationally-Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC).

Contact our vocational rehabilitation experts in Tampa, FL and Georgetown, GA for vocational evaluations, labor market surveys, divorce cases, and Worker's Compensation services.

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